When the calendar turned from 2021 to 2022, the ball didn’t just drop in Times Square at midnight. A new learning management system, located at www.heca.coop, also came online for Hoosier Energy employees as Docebo replaced Taleo Learn. Technology Support Services Team Lead Heather Hughet recently answered some questions from Gridlines about the change.


Q: How long was the Tech Support Services team working on this before the official change on January 1?


A: Taleo Learn was approaching a planned sunset for the entire program. Hoosier researched several companies to find the one that was the best offering for our employees as well as our membership. I started in this position in September of 2020 and the process was already in motion. We contacted other G&Ts to see what they used, asked other companies what they used and even asked some of our current vendors what they used.


Docebo was identified as the new system by the end of 2020. The official project began in January of 2021. An entire year was dedicated to the process of gathering all courses housed in the old learning management system and transferring them over to the new system, checking new courses available, and discussing the needs of each area with the administrators for that area. Compliance was a major section that needed to have 100% accuracy in transferring data. We also had to retain the records for all courses taken for the past several years to remain OSHA compliant. This also included records of in-person training.


Q: What are the benefits of the new system?


A: The new system offers a much cleaner look with easier access to the learners’ ‘to-do’ list. The LinkedIn Learning course catalog is still available along with other courses that can be downloaded by the user. The system has a convenient way for managers to see whether team members have completed their required courses. A quick history search can also offer a list of all courses the user has completed, with a list of courses started but not finished also appearing on the home page. We have received several compliments already on these factors.


Q: There have probably been some expected issues and some unexpected issues so far. What stands out?


A: One issue that popped up and became a larger problem would be the fact that during testing phases all Internet Services Providers played well with Docebo. We were able to test video courses, quizzes and plain text courses. There were no issues. Once we had the official launch, updates to ISPs and other issues made certain paths break or just refuse to work. Lynn Hubbard has had to send many requests into the Docebo help desk, with escalation routes highlighted. This was all very frustrating because there was no true reason for the problems to happen and they had been thoroughly checked.


Q: On the flip side, what are the biggest positives?


A: We have had some great feedback from contractors. They appreciate the ease of use and the clean, easy-to-navigate home screen.


Another positive option of this system is the self-registration for optional classes. It has already been accessed by several employees, which to our team means that it is something they were looking for and needed. We are always happy to hear that.


Also, LinkedIn Learning is available through a direct connection now, so there is no “middle man” if accessed through Docebo. This wasn’t possible before. Hoosier Energy and members alike use LinkedIn Learning classes to help further their understanding of programs and processes. It is a great resource.


The biggest “tada” has been the cleaner look. A lot of people have mentioned this and that it is a giant improvement.