Providing reliable, affordable power to companies across major regional industries, including advanced manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, logistics and plastics

The 59 counties powered by Hoosier Energy are home to some of the largest employers in the Midwest. Among these employers, our region is home to five primary industry groups: advanced manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, logistics and plastics. Each of these industries benefits from the extensive transportation and logistics infrastructure available across Indiana and Illinois, including proximity to several major markets. These industries also benefit from a deep roster of qualified workers who have higher educational attainment when compared to the workforces available in competing states.

Advanced Manufacturing

The areas powered by Hoosier Energy in Indiana and Illinois are prime targets for companies focused on advanced manufacturing. Indiana ranks as the best regulatory environment for businesses in the nation, which provides an ideal environment for growing businesses in the advanced manufacturing sector. Both Indiana and Illinois are dominant in this industry, ranking fourth and sixth, respectively, in machinery manufacturing GDP per capita. Both states are forecast to see more growth in the years to come.

Advanced Manufacturing by the Numbers

  • Indiana ranks fourth in its percentage of residents working as industrial engineers.
  • Indiana has the third most industrial robots of any state, housing 8.3% of all U.S. industrial robots.
  • Columbus, Indiana, has the highest concentration of heavy machinery workers of any U.S. city.
  • Four of the top 10 industry employment markets are within 250 miles of our service region.

Notable Advanced Manufacturing Companies

  • Futaba
  • ATTC
  • Valeo
  • TOA (USA), LLC
  • NTN Driveshaft Inc.
  • Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing


The Midwest is the linchpin of the nation’s agriculture industry. So, it comes as no surprise that Indiana and Illinois are expected to see continued growth in coming years. Indiana is widely recognized for its role as an agricultural hub, ranking first in duck and popcorn production, second in tomato processing and ice cream production, third in soybean processing, fourth in egg production and corn processing, and fifth in hog and corn production.

Illinois and Indiana Agriculture by the Numbers

  • Illinois and Indiana rank eighth and 10th, respectively, in the average value of farm real estate per acre.

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Automotive Industries

Of the 1 million automotive jobs in the U.S., Indiana and its four neighboring states (Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky) account for about half. Indiana ranks third in automotive jobs per capita, with over four times as many automotive industry employees as the national average.

The Hoosier Energy service region provides an economically friendly climate for businesses in the automotive industry, and workers enjoy a cost of living that is substantially lower than the national average. Qualifying automotive manufacturers and suppliers also benefit from such tax incentives as the Motorsports Sales Tax Exemption and the Hoosier Alternative Fuel Vehicle Manufacturer Tax Credit.

Indiana and Illinois Automotive Industry by the Numbers

  • Indiana ranks second in motor vehicle GDP and motor vehicle gross operating surplus.
  • Indiana ranks fourth in value of outbound motorized vehicle shipments.
  • The Hoosier Energy region is within 250 miles of seven of the top 10 largest automotive markets.
  • Projected 7% growth through 2022 (Emsi).


Our service area possesses a leading transportation network and is home to the median center of the U.S. population. Indiana has more connecting highways than any other state and has 41 freight railroads (fourth in the U.S.), which means logistics firms can move effortlessly throughout the region and beyond. Talent availability is a key advantage as well. Indiana offers nine separate truck driving schools, ensuring you have the workers you need to meet growing demand.

Indiana and Illinois Logistics by the Numbers

  • Indiana ranks fifth in tons of goods shipped outbound by truck.
  • Our service area has 1.4 times as many residents per capita working in key transportation, distribution and logistics occupations.
  • Over 120,000 truck drivers reside within a roughly 100-mile radius of Hoosier Energy’s headquarters in south central Indiana.


Industries in the plastics cluster are energy intensive, requiring large amounts of electricity for production. By providing the lowest electricity rates among all neighboring states, Hoosier Energy offers customers in the plastics sector an exceptional opportunity for new businesses. Despite high industry employment in the region, 13% of residents who live in our service area and work in plastics, commute outside the region for work, indicating there’s a ready workforce available for growth.

Indiana and Illinois Plastics by the Numbers

  • 21 counties in the Hoosier Energy service area have at least twice the national average of industry workers.
  • Indiana ranks fourth in the number of freight railroads, with a total of 2,457 miles of Class I railroads.
  • Illinois is fifth in the U.S. in most plastics sector jobs.