Our energy strategy incorporates a range of power sources, ensuring stable, affordable power for the communities we serve

To balance the varying levels of demand for electricity while ensuring reliable, consistent power, Hoosier Energy manages a wide range of generation sources. As we diversify our energy strategy, we’re incorporating smaller installations to supply energy to the increasingly complex electrical grid, expanding our use of clean energy sources in the process. The way we develop and utilize power supply sources continues to change based on the needs of our member cooperatives.

Our energy strategy has shifted substantially over the last two decades. Between 2000 and 2020, we increased our portfolio size by approximately 41%. We incorporated clean energy into our strategy as well, establishing a target of 10% renewable energy production by 2025, which resulted in the addition of wind, solar, landfill gas, hydropower and other initiatives. We also added natural gas to decrease our dependence on coal and added purchase power agreements with other energy providers to reduce operating risk. In the coming years, we plan to continue integrating clean energy into our broader strategy.

Our Generation Mix

Hoosier Energy maintains a wide range of generation facilities that help fulfill our energy strategy. We are committed to optimizing our generation portfolio to sustain reliability at affordable rates while continuing to support our transition to a diverse and clean grid. Our generation resources also help reduce our reliance on purchased power while creating economic development opportunities for the communities we serve.

A Resilient Transmission Network

A reliable transmission network is a key component of our mission and energy strategy. Hoosier Energy is taking proactive steps to ensure the continued stability of our transmission system, which includes over 1,700 miles of transmission lines, 25 primary substations and approximately 250 distribution substations and delivery points.

Increasing Emphasis on Our Clean Energy Strategy

As Hoosier Energy continues to focus on resource diversification, stability and affordability, our use of renewables will increase. Our clean energy strategy incorporates a range of renewable programs, including solar, wind, hydropower and landfill methane gas. See how we’re planning for the future.


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