Hoosier Energy has thrived over the course of its history because of its democratic structure

Strong corporate governance and leadership guides every component of Hoosier Energy’s operations. By their nature, cooperatives are democratic organizations. Hoosier has built upon that model by driving operational excellence and performance.

Member Engagement

Our Board of Directors

Our board is structured to ensure members have the necessary opportunities to speak up for their needs. Each member, regardless of its size or location, has equal say. In addition to our annual meeting, the board holds strategic forums to outline strategic priorities and initiatives. In each of these forums, members have opportunities to shape the future of our cooperative. As the industry faces economic pressure and supply shortages, these regular meetings are key to ensuring Hoosier Energy continues delivering for its member systems.

The board of directors includes three standing committees:

Finance & Audit Committee

Responsibilities include the 5-year business plan, budget and financial reports/audits, and portfolio investments

Employee Relations Committee

Responsibilities include Hoosier’s compensation, benefits and training, and HR plans and programs

Operations Committee

Responsibilities include resource planning, asset management and member services

Managers Association

Beyond our board of directors, an association of member CEOs provides insight and expertise throughout business operations. Our managers association is comprised of 18 member system CEOs, each of whom serves on a working committee. In addition to these committees, our member systems regularly review and provide input on Hoosier Energy’s performance. This feedback shapes both our short- and long-term priorities.

Committees include:

Rates Committee

Engagement in wholesale rate development, implementation and evaluation

Member Services Committee

Engagement in member-system focused programs, services and educational opportunities offered to member cooperatives

Planning & Technology Committee

Strategic alignment of generation, transmission, and distribution activities while leveraging technology


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