Hoosier Energy’s renewable resources are helping us meet the growing energy needs of our member cooperatives throughout Indiana and Illinois

In recent years, the Hoosier Energy portfolio has substantially grown and diversified to meet member needs and effectively manage risk. Renewable energy has played a major role in helping us to accommodate this growth, and we continue to expand our focus on sustainable sources. As part of our shift to sustainable energy production, we’ve established ambitious but attainable targets for renewable energy.

In 2006, Hoosier Energy adopted a voluntary renewable energy policy to provide at least 10% of the energy requirements of our 18-member system through renewable energy resources by 2025. In 2022, we project 9% of our power supply will come from renewable sources. Through solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, landfill methane gas and a range of other renewable programs, we’re on track to reach our commitment.

The Future is Bright for Renewable Energy

Hoosier Energy’s renewable resources are helping us to meet the needs of our member cooperatives. In addition to maintaining our own renewable energy programs across our service area in Indiana and Illinois, we’re also investing in emerging technologies to support an evolving grid while playing a part in the future of energy. Our renewable programs include the following initiatives.

Solar Energy

Our solar program consists of 10 one-megawatt solar arrays placed along highly visible roadways across member communities in Indiana and Illinois. Collectively, these facilities are not only generating substantial power, but are also increasing visibility to the viability of solar energy and other renewable sources. Our solar energy facilities are also helping us understand how we can efficiently integrate solar power across our grid and offset the need for other energy resources during times of high demand.

We also have multiple purchased power agreements for solar energy, including our most recent agreement for 200MW at Riverstart Solar Park in Randolph County.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is one of the most visible renewable energy resources throughout many of the communities we serve in Indiana and Illinois. Although Hoosier Energy doesn’t own any wind resources, we have several purchased power agreements that allow us to increase our renewable portfolio. These projects include wind energy from the Rail Splitter Wind Farm in Illinois and the Meadow Lake Wind Farm in Indiana.


We purchase hydropower through a facility in Dayton, Illinois. This facility produces approximately 18,000 megawatt-hours annually, which is enough to power about 1,500 homes.

Consumer-Owned Generation

With over four megawatts of member-consumer renewable capacity in place across our communities in Indiana and Illinois, we’ve seen increasing interest in consumer-owned generation from the residents and businesses we serve. Many are choosing to install renewable energy sources on their own properties. As we’ve seen interest grow, we’ve implemented guidelines for residential distributed generation and developed factors that consumers should consider when investing in renewables.

Renewables for Commercial and Industrial Organizations

For businesses seeking renewable energy to power commercial and industrial operations, we have several options in place. These include projects built and owned by Hoosier Energy, member-built projects, renewable energy credits and renewable energy analysis. Through these programs, we’re helping the business community meet their own carbon reduction goals.

Electric Vehicles

To help promote adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), Hoosier Energy has developed the program. Through the program, members who purchase an EV can apply to receive a free EV charger. Through this initiative, we’re increasing renewable energy infrastructure throughout Indiana and Illinois and helping to educate consumers about the benefits of EVs. We also provide details and helpful information via the Choose EV section of WhyElectrify.com.


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