Carrying out the spirit and power of partnership by staying true to our mission and vision as well as the seven cooperative principles

Unlike many major electrical utilities, our organization is not directed by a group of investors. Everything we do is on behalf of our members. We aren’t profit-minded; we’re member-minded. Our decisions are guided by the farmers, families and businesses we serve, true to the cooperative model. We closely operate in accordance to the seven cooperative principles and values, which make up the framework of our organization.

Our Mission

Together with our member systems, Hoosier Energy is committed to being an efficient and adaptive organization that provides reliable and economically priced energy and member-driven services. We are also committed to meeting our members’ evolving needs in a safe and sustainable manner, guided by the seven cooperative principles.

Our Vision

The vision of Hoosier Energy is to serve as the trusted partner and provider of reliable, affordable and sustainable energy and services to member systems. As part of our vision, we’re also committed to adapting to the increasingly digital, connected and rapidly evolving world.

What are the seven principles of a cooperative?

Our mission and values are closely linked to the seven cooperative principles. As a cooperative, Hoosier Energy is a democratic organization committed to the principle that all members have equal power. Much like America’s democratic process, our members are encouraged to raise concerns through their elected representatives. The seven cooperative principles are outlined below:

  1. Voluntary and open membership: Membership is open to all who use our services without regard to gender, social, racial, political or religious affiliation.
  2. Democratic member control: We are a democratic organization; each of our 18 member co-ops elect a representative who actively participates in setting policies and making decisions for the benefit of all.
  3. Members’ economic participation: Our goal is to run the business as efficiently as possible, not to make a profit. Any additional revenue is invested directly into the business, then returned to member systems after a specified number of years.
  4. Autonomy and independence: Cooperatives are autonomous, self-sufficient organizations. If Hoosier Energy enters into agreements with other organizations or raises capital from external sources, it does so only if the terms ensure democratic member control and autonomy.
  5. Education, training and information: Through the Hoosier Energy Franklin Training Center, we provide a variety of skills training for our staff and member co-op employees. Informational sessions help line specialists and other electric cooperative employees who are charged with maintaining reliable service for consumers.
  6. Cooperation among cooperatives: The philosophy of cooperation is a way of life. Our member cooperatives formed Hoosier Energy to supply electric distribution systems with a dependable, economical source of power. Working together, we are providing better value for members’ energy dollars.
  7. Concern for community: As a cooperative, our focus is always local. We are a part of the communities we serve. Our members’ concerns are our concerns, and we work hard every day to keep the power on, keep electric bills low and make our communities better places to live.


Looking for an opportunity to build a career at an organization that values its employees? Help us create a brighter future for the communities we serve and build a career at Hoosier Energy.