Meet the 18 member cooperatives who help distribute power to more than 760,000 consumers across Hoosier Energy’s service area

Our members are what distinguish Hoosier Energy from investor-owned electric utilities. Our mission and values are built around our member cooperatives’ needs, just as it was when Hoosier Energy was formed in 1949. We are an alliance of 18 member cooperatives, serving 59 counties across central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois.

Through our member cooperatives, we serve a wide range of communities, not only in rural areas but also in densely populated suburbs and near major commercial operations. Hoosier Energy is a generation and transmission utility, meaning we produce electricity and send it to our member cooperatives. Our members then distribute the power to the farmers, residents and businesses in their service areas.

Measured together, our member cooperatives operate and maintain 36,000 miles of distribution lines, providing electricity to more than 300,000 homes, farms and businesses in Indiana and Illinois.