By choosing to build your business in Hoosier Energy’s service territory, you’re setting down roots in a region known for its tax-friendly climate, skilled workforce and affordable cost of living

When you choose Indiana as a location for your company, you simultaneously choose a state that ranks fifth overall for cost of doing business, with major tax incentives and the potential for unparalleled growth. Indiana also ranks second for state infrastructure and second for long-term fiscal stability. Illinois, has its own reasons to boast. The state ranks second for business creation and number of business headquarters, plus it’s fifth in exports and is the only state in the U.S. with all seven Class 1 railroads.

Both Indiana and Illinois boast a strong transportation network, efficient supply chain management, robust state incentives and unparalleled economic development assistance from the Hoosier Energy Economic Development team.

Hoosier Energy’s Demographics

Demographics help paint a picture of the Hoosier Energy service area. Spanning over 18,000 square miles, our service territory offers geographic proximity to critical Midwestern markets including Indianapolis, Evansville, Louisville and Cincinnati. We’re also home to several growing midsize markets including Bloomington, Columbus and Terre Haute.

Financing and Incentives across the Hoosier Energy Service Area

Building a business in Indiana and Illinois brings with it a variety of significant financial advantages. Explore the current grants and incentives open to Indiana and Illinois businesses using the links outlined throughout this page.

Hoosier Energy/Distribution Cooperatives Incentive Programs

As a cooperative utility, Hoosier Energy offers greater flexibility, creativity and responsive rate structures. This flexibility allows us to meet the ever-changing landscape of business and industry needs. We’re also creating proactive responses to generation portfolio diversification, including greater emphasis on renewable energy options.

We offer significant savings through our economic development rider (EDR), which is available to new and expanding businesses in our service area. Beginning with a 30% discount in the first year, the savings extend over the first six years of a new or expanding venture.

Tax Abatement Calculator and Tax Incentives

Indiana and Illinois both offer a variety of tax incentives. Tax abatements are often provided as part of economic development packages to help businesses save money on property taxes for up to 10 years. Tax abatements are calculated based on the increased assessed value that will be generated as a result of the company’s investment. Our tax abatement calculator can help you estimate the amount of your potential tax abatement.

Access to Affordable Utilities

Businesses in Hoosier Energy’s service region have several high-quality, low-cost utility options, and most providers offer flexible rates because of our unregulated territory. New or existing companies can also take advantage of rural broadband, which is quickly becoming a critical asset to our cooperatives, as well as renewable options like generation diversification, Hoosier Energy’s current production portfolio, renewable energy credits and more.

Request an Electric Cost Estimate

Hoosier Energy’s electric cooperatives take a partnership approach when determining the best electric cost estimate for each customer. For an estimate of your electrical costs, contact one of our team members or your local distribution cooperative.

Electrical Power

Hoosier Energy powers 59 counties across Indiana and Illinois. As a generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative, we’re committed to serving the needs of our 18 member distribution cooperatives. Our mission is to be an efficient and adaptive organization that provides reliable and economically priced energy and member-driven services so that our members can serve their 760,000 member-consumers. We can also help your organization meet your renewable energy and carbon reduction goals. Under our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy, we’ve developed several options to help our commercial and industrial members meet their goals easily, quickly and cost effectively.

Water and Sewer

Water and sewer companies serving Indiana and Illinois can be found in the links below. Annual water quality reports can be found on the websites of individual water and sewer providers.

Renewable Energy Options in Indiana and Illinois

In recent years, both Indiana and Illinois have significantly increased renewable energy generation, which has improved access to renewables while lowering costs. Hoosier Energy is committed to renewable energy and supporting programs that help our communities build a renewable energy portfolio. Our region boasts five renewable sites (three renewable energy sites and two wind farms), 10 utility-scale solar sites and a variety of other renewable sources, plus Hoosier Energy’s local cooperatives have created several options to help our commercial and industrial members meet their renewable energy goals quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Renewable Energy Options

  • Hoosier Energy Built and Owned Projects: We offer a variety of financing and project options to build an on- or off-site project to meet your needs.
  • Self-Built Project: We have a defined process to guide you successfully from project conception to interconnection.
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs): An easy, inexpensive way to purchase renewable energy for a facility. These credits can cover up to 100% of energy usage.
  • Renewable Information and Analysis: We can provide assistance with project analysis and carbon calculations, along with contract analysis and information.


With expansive access to rail, interstate and air, our service area is one of the most connected regions in the U.S. We can provide your business with low-cost, efficient transportation options and supply chain management, connecting you with markets across the world.

Air Service for Indiana

  • Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (adjacent to Indiana)
  • DHL – Cincinnati, Ohio (adjacent to Indiana)
  • Evansville Regional Airport
  • FedEx Express national hub – Indianapolis
  • Indianapolis International Airport
  • Louisville International Airport (adjacent to Indiana)
  • UPS Worldport – Louisville, Kentucky (adjacent to Indiana)

Air Service for Illinois

  • Chicago Midway International Airport
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Highways in Indiana and Illinois

More highways intersect in Indiana than in any other state, and with Illinois adding even more connectivity, maximizing your supply chain opportunities throughout the U.S. is simple.

  • Interstate 69 – Currently connects Indianapolis to Port Huron, Michigan, and the Canadian border. Now under construction: Connection from Indianapolis to Evansville, Indiana. Proposed future route: Continuation south to the Mexico border.
  • Interstate 65 – Runs from Gary in northwestern Indiana, south through Indianapolis and Louisville, Kentucky, continuing south to Mobile, Alabama. I-65 is also the main connection between Indianapolis and the Chicago metro area to the north.
  • Interstate 70 – This east-west interstate runs directly through Indianapolis, connects with I-57 in Illinois (to lead to Chicago), and continues west to Utah.
  • Interstate 64 – Paramount for southern Indiana and Illinois transportation, this interstate runs from St. Louis through Indiana to Louisville, Kentucky, and Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • Interstate 74 – Runs southeast from Iowa through Indianapolis, offering direct access to Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Interstate 55/Interstate 57 – Integral to Illinois transportation, this interstate connects Chicago; Springfield, Mo.; St. Louis, Mo.; Memphis, Tenn.; and New Orleans.
  • Interstate 8 – This east-west interstate highway provides direct access to the metros of Cleveland, Ohio; Des Moines, Iowa; Omaha, Neb.; Lincoln, Neb.; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Sacramento, Calif.

Rail Service

Indiana and Illinois offer extensive rail transportation options. Indiana ranks fourth in total freight railroads with 41.


  • Three international ports
  • 400 miles of navigable waterways
  • Indiana is home to the only statewide port system that connects the global economy to the Midwest via the Great Lakes and the Ohio-Mississippi river system.

Labor Force Estimator Tool

Finding a qualified workforce is a major factor when deciding where to build your business. Fortunately, Hoosier Energy’s service area boasts one of the most qualified workforces in the Midwest. Use our labor force estimator to check labor availability in our service region.