Hoosier Energy produces power through a wide portfolio of generating stations located throughout the Midwest

Hoosier Energy’s generating stations substantially reduce our purchased power requirements and create economic development opportunities for the communities in which we operate. Through our focus on minimizing costs and maximizing reliability for our customers, we’re delivering on our mission and vision. Hoosier Energy operates an “all-of-the-above” portfolio, meaning we use several techniques to generate energy. This insulates our members from major fluctuations and ensures stability.

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Holland Energy Plant

Located in central Illinois, the 630-megawatt Holland Energy Plant is a flexible natural gas facility that helps Hoosier Energy meet intermediate needs when demand for electricity is higher than average. As part of Hoosier Energy’s strategy to generate a diverse range of power, the Holland Energy Plant is designed to be among the cleanest generation facilities in the Midwest. The plant generates power through two combustion turbine generators linked to a combined cycle system that recovers excess heat and produces steam that drives another turbine, generating additional power. By utilizing captured heat through a second cycle, the generation station produces power more efficiently.

Lawrence and Worthington Generating Stations

Located in southern Indiana, Hoosier Energy’s Lawrence and Worthington generating stations deliver reliable, on-demand power for our 18 member cooperatives. These natural gas-fired power plants add flexibility and bolster our strategy to maintain a diverse power supply portfolio. The two plants can be started and dispatched quickly, ensuring we can deliver electricity to our members whenever they need it. Each generating station is equipped with combustion turbine engines, which allow the facilities to rapidly produce power and operate at a level that matches member demand.


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