Our Commitment

Hoosier Energy’s unique mission is rooted in the cooperative principles to serve and pursue innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for our 18 member systems and the communities they represent. In today’s energy climate, that means prioritizing environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. Hoosier Energy is building an energy ecosystem that prioritizes reliable, affordable and sustainable solutions while incorporating technology innovation and strong partnerships to create value for all member cooperatives.

Hoosier Energy’s ESG strategy is driven primarily by the needs of our key stakeholders. We place equal emphasis on each element of ESG, and we have the data to prove it, with reporting standards aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). As the energy industry evolves, we intend to adapt our approach and refine our portfolio to best suit our members and their strategic priorities.

ESG At a Glance

From the board room to the field, Hoosier Energy is committed to operational excellence, superior value, financial discipline and responsible environmental stewardship. Our approach to ESG aligns seamlessly with our broader mission and values. Our ESG strategy incorporates the following principles:

Maintaining a Member-Owner Focus

As champions of the cooperative model, Hoosier Energy seeks to advance our members and the communities they serve. That means prioritizing reliability, affordability and the innovative energy solutions our stakeholders expect. Each member cooperative is founded upon democratic values; Hoosier Energy is no different. We’re proud to uphold the democratic process of a one member, one vote election of our members to represent them at Hoosier.

Responsibly Managing the Energy Transition

With all elements of energy production and distribution, Hoosier Energy is committed to responsible decision making, investment in critical infrastructure and optimizing its generation portfolio. We’re committed to supporting the transition to a cleaner grid while balancing our commitment to enhance reliability and deliver affordable rates.

Driving Superior Value for Member-Systems and Customers

Strong corporate governance and thought leadership serve as the foundation for our commitment to ESG. We operate with the highest level of integrity. Our business remains rooted in helping all employees, members and stakeholders build a better tomorrow.

decrease in CO2 emissions since 2005
decrease in NO2 emissions since 2005
decrease in coal ash generated in 2022
decrease in SO2 emissions since 2005
increase in gender diversity as of year-end 2022
improvement in safety performance since 2018
in total patronage credits given back to member systems
of total MWh is renewable generation

Electricity Generated

Natural Gas147,382661,774769,3791,257,9021,109,6361,109,409
Landfill Gas075,12294,759101,911142,03174,312
Total Owned/Operated8,103,9546,622,2835,479,8303,961,3986,538,5035,452,612
Total Contracted3,456,2022,872,0273,562,1215,188,1173,251,4414,535,511
Total MWh Generated11,560,1569,494,3109,041,9519,149,5159,789,9449,988,123

Energy Portfolio Transition







Investing in ESG

Hoosier Energy’s investment in ESG represents how critical it is to the future success of our organization — and our members’. We give equal weight to each element of ESG. Hoosier Energy leads from the front by building a culture that prioritizes transparency, innovation and a vision for the future. Just as we’ve adapted over the past 70 years, we intend to continue addressing complex issues for decades to come.


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