Site provides member-consumers with data, helpful information on electricity usage


Bloomington, Ind. – Hoosier Energy and its 18 member distribution cooperatives throughout south-central Indiana and southeast Illinois announced today the official launch of Why Electrify, an informational website providing member-consumers with data and information on electricity usage, energy efficiency and beneficial electrification.


Designed to encourage consumers to learn more about their level and pattern of electric usage by way of demand-side management (DSM), Why Electrify ( offers educational resources and materials on the planning, implementing and monitoring activities of electric utilities.


“We are excited to launch such a dynamic, member-focused website” said Blake Kleaving, Manager of Energy Management Solutions at Hoosier Energy. “Why Electrify and its educational resources add to our member cooperatives’ reputation as trusted energy partners in their communities. The new website provides an opportunity for member-consumers to learn, interact and grow with their local electric cooperative as we move into the next frontier of energy.”


Infographics, articles, case studies, videos and more can be seen on the Why Electrify website, designed to educate on topics like energy efficiency, beneficial electrification and power generation types such as solar, wind, hydro, natural gas and coal. Environmental stewardship is a high priority for the site as well, which includes links to educational websites such as Energy Kids, Science Buddies, Science Fair Projects and more.


The Why Electrify website offers detailed information and resources specific to residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial groups to provide all member-consumers with knowledge they can use. This knowledge will help empower communities and energize members.


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About Hoosier Energy

Founded in 1949, Hoosier Energy is a generation and transmission cooperative (G&T) with headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana. The G&T provides electric power and services to 18 member distribution cooperatives in central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois. We are a community-focused organization that works to efficiently deliver affordable, reliable and safe energy. Collectively, our 18 members serve more than 760,000 consumers. Hoosier Energy is an equal opportunity provider and employer. For more information, visit


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