EnergyLines April 2020


The Demand Side Management (DSM) annual report focuses on program descriptions and data, as well as highlights from the year, the most significant being in the lighting programs. The residential lighting program accounted for nearly 90 percent of 2019 measures, with cooperatives securing more than 9,000 LEDs and members buying an additional 16,000 bulbs through the lighting store.


On the commercial and industrial side, 90 projects received incentives that resulted in almost 16,000 MWh in energy savings and 15.23 MW of winter peak demand reduction.


“Both lighting programs have great potential for growth, which is evident because we’re still seeing such a high take rate,” Manager of Energy Management Solutions Blake Kleaving said.


Along with the annual report, Hoosier Energy’s marketing department will generate and distribute a quarterly DSM report based on members’ feedback. The first one should be available around the end of April.


“The addition of a quarterly report makes DSM information more accessible so members can make informed decisions about how to proceed with their programs,” Kleaving says. “Members can easily go back and see where the programs are either trailing or needing a little help and make adjustments throughout the year.”


Survey results drive DSM annual report transition to digital


Supported by feedback from marketing and member services managers, the 2019 Demand Side Management (DSM) Annual Report is now exclusively a digital publication.


This change was instigated by survey results that supported an annual report with streamlined information that is accessible online. For the few member cooperatives wanting a hardcopy version, the annual report also can be downloaded and printed.


“We made changes based on feedback from our members, and that’s how we’re going to continue with our programs and services moving forward,” says Blake Kleaving, manager of Energy Management Solutions. “This change is part of becoming more member focused and engaging members in a different way.”


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