General counsel answers questions about advice, activities

February 2021


Chris Goffinet started visiting Hoosier Energy with his two law partners in 1993. When one retired and the other left to become a judge, Goffinet took over as Hoosier Energy’s general counsel in 2003 and has continued in that capacity since. EnergyLines sat down with him to discuss his favorite activities and the advice he would give his younger self.


What is your best habit?

I enjoy playing outdoors to relax. I love spending time outdoors and especially working around the many large water gardens and fishponds I have built over the years.


What business buzzwords do you never want to hear again?

Best practice; core competency; in terms of; best in class.


So, how do you unplug?

I read a ton of books, mostly fiction novels. I play around in my workshop. When the weather is decent and I am not working, I live outside, cutting firewood, working on my water gardens, and gardening. My favorite pastime is to spend time with my family, especially my 19-month-old granddaughter, who is, of course, the smartest and cutest grandchild ever – until the next one comes along!


What advice would you give your younger self?


Don’t think you know what you want to do when you grow up, because it will undoubtedly change. When I started in this business, I never dreamed I would be back living in my hometown and be fortunate enough to represent a great company like Hoosier Energy. I thought I would be a big city trial attorney living in Nashville, Tenn. Also, keep focused on your family, because when things get tough, they are what really matter! I have always tried to put family first, and, after all these years of work, that is the wisest thing I have ever done.


You live in Tell City. What do you enjoy most about it?


I love living in a small town where I can get about anywhere in seven minutes or less. Plus, my whole family lives within an hour of Tell City, and we get together often (or used to…until COVID-19).


What has working at Hoosier Energy meant to you?


Working at Hoosier Energy has allowed me to work with a ton of smart, driven people, who are working on exciting things. Hoosier Energy really is like a big family. I have made a lot of friends over the years. When my daughter had a very serious car accident seven years ago, Hoosier folks came out in droves to support my family. We received dozens of cards and several food baskets while we were at the hospital for a month with her. I will never forget that.


What about time spent away from Hoosier Energy?


My wife, Darla, and I have been married for 35 years. Both natives of Tell City, we are the parents of two daughters, Lauren and Sarah, and a son, Reed. We also have a wonderful granddaughter, Blake, who lights up our world every time we get to see her!



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