Q&A Feature: Chris Goffinet

Chris Goffinet started visiting Hoosier Energy with his two law partners in 1993. When one retired and the other left to become a judge, Goffinet took over as Hoosier Energy’s general counsel in 2003 and has continued in that capacity since. EnergyLines sat down with him to discuss his favorite activities and the advice he would give his younger self.

A bird’s-eye-view of site development

Marketing commercial and industrial sites for development in member communities consists of detailed data for use by site selectors. This information includes area utilities and regional workforce demographics. Also important are the visuals. Capturing each property visually involves getting in an aircraft to get a bird’s-eye-view. Rising up to 8,000 feet shows site topography and property lines. This can be an expensive and time-consuming process. It is also one that has been dramatically improved by drones.

Updating the Grid

Whether adjusting for the pandemic or planning for the future, Hoosier Energy is responsibly executing its capital plans to maintain, repair and upgrade assets to ensure the resiliency of Hoosier Energy’s transmission system. “We’re targeting assets that are in the higher-risk category for failure because of their age and condition. That should translate to better asset performance, improved reliability and fewer outages,” said Matt Mabrey, Vice President of Operations. “This should give our members a lot of confidence that we’re utilizing financial resources wisely.”