Electric and communication co-ops join to provide high-speed internet services

January 2021


Southeastern Indiana REMC is joining forces with another cooperative – SEI Communications – to bring high-speed internet service to its members.


The co-op reviewed candidates based on cost and quality. This led them to SEI Communications because they both share the co-op business model. SEI leaders enjoyed learning that both organizations put the needs of the membership ahead of making a profit.


SEI Communications offers its members reliable fiber optic internet and telephone service in Dearborn, Jefferson, Jennings, Ohio, Ripley and Switzerland counties – including a portion of Southeastern Indiana REMC communities.


“There is a great need for high-speed internet service in our seven-county service territory,” said Keith Mathews, general manager of Southeastern Indiana REMC. “Improving the quality of life in southeast Indiana is important to us. We believe that high-speed internet service is essential for our communities to grow and thrive and we are committed to moving forward with a broadband project to further advance the opportunities available in our rural communities.”


The joint venture leverages the experience and expertise of both organizations to buildout a fiber network and provide the high-speed connection and quality customer service that members want. SEI REMC worked closely with the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative, utilizing its knowledge and expertise as a guide through the process.


“The critical work we are doing will make fiber connectivity possible for many households in southeast Indiana who currently have limited or, in some cases, no other options,” said Tony Clark, CEO and general manager of SEI Communications.


SEI FIBER, a division of Southeastern Indiana REMC, is expected to launch in 2021. The REMC will build out the fiber network and SEI Communications will connect the service at the home or business.



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