Retired public information officer to serve member cooperatives, G&T

May 2021


Hoosier Energy’s communications team has a new face on the public relations and media front, but he isn’t a new face among the media. Curt Durnil served the Indiana State Police for 26 years and retired as its public information officer late last year to join Hoosier Energy.


“I love the fact that this has been such a smooth and comfortable transition from working for the state,” Durnil said. “The whole idea of service and being there for others, to be here for the members, just as I was for the general public over a 26-year period, will continue. I want to help the members with whatever they need – we’re here for them.”


In his new position, Durnil will help members with media requests, whether that’s from mainstream or industry media. He is available to facilitate or give an interview, as well as help member cooperative personnel prepare for an interview. That could involve creating talking points, rehearsing with mock interviews or writing and editing press releases. He is also available to attend community or other public relations events.


As for news releases, Durnil said that’s his specialty. “Whether creating or editing, bouncing ideas off one another or reviewing releases for potential problems, I’m happy to help in any way the member wants.”


Durnil is also a bit of a social media guru, with more than 8,000 followers on his public Facebook page.


 If a member wants an event shared to that page, he said he’s happy to oblige.


A lifelong Bloomington resident, Durnil played basketball in high school and college – at Bethel University in Tennessee – and then graduated from Indiana University. His plan was to teach and coach basketball, but a short stint in the classroom helped him realize teaching wasn’t for him. So, he decided to follow in his father’s and brother’s footsteps and pursue law enforcement. “You can imagine what my sweet mom must have gone through having her husband and two sons serving at the same time,” he said.


At Hoosier Energy, Durnil is excited to continue as he did at ISP – serving the needs of others. He explained, “For the members, I want to be their go-to person when it comes to all things media and public relations, meaning that if they have a question about anything, they know that they can text me, call me, email me, and know that I’m going to be getting back with them as soon as possible.”


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