Member Focused, Member Driven: Focused on the Future


Donna L. Walker, President and CEO
Darin Duncan, Chairman of the Board of Directors


Look anywhere across the power network that makes up Hoosier Energy and you will see a changing energy landscape powered by consumer preference, technology and sustainability.


Much is on the horizon, from electric fleets to battery storage. Consumers increasingly want assurance that the energy they use comes from economical, reliable and sustainable resources. Most of all, they want energy options that fit their lifestyle.


That’s the future of the grid.


Hoosier Energy’s Board of Directors saw this evolution coming, recognizing that supplying electricity for the future will look very different than it does today.


In 2019, the Board and member managers worked aggressively to develop a resource plan that will meet member needs for the next 20 years. The plan calls for a combination of low-cost wind, solar, natural gas and storage resources that will provide reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy while saving members millions over the next two decades.


How we get all these resources to work together depends upon an integrated approach that reaches into the transmission and distribution systems,  distributed energy resources, and coordinated system planning.


None of this is possible without sound financial metrics and wholesale rates that send fair and accurate price signals. Significant changes have taken place in the industry since our last rate design. In 2020, we’ll review our wholesale rate design with a focus on modernizing our tariffs as we have done with our generation fleet to ensure we are meeting future member needs.


We also look for ways to bring investments and jobs into our communities. Legislation supported by Hoosier Energy and others now makes data center development more competitive in Indiana. It’s one way we are working to increase the competitive advantage for cooperatives to land these energy-intensive projects.


Hoosier Energy, the Board of Directors, the membership and a dedicated workforce will continue to work together to create innovative options for the member-consumers we serve.


More importantly, we thank the 695,000 people in 59 Indiana and Illinois counties who have entrusted us with meeting their energy needs reliably, and always with a progressive eye to the future.


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