2020 Hoosier Energy Integrated Resource Plan Executive Summary

The Hoosier Energy portfolio has grown and diversified to meet member needs and manage risk.   Changes from 2000 to 2020   • Increased portfolio size (in MW) about 41 percent between 2000 and 2020.   • Established target of… Read »

2019 Annual Report

Look anywhere across the power network that makes up Hoosier Energy and you will see a changing energy landscape powered by consumer preference, technology and sustainability.

2019 Year-End Review

Member focused and member driven, Hoosier Energy reflects on 2019 in this year-end review.

2019 Financial Review

A look at Hoosier Energy’s 2019 Financial Review.

Solar Sheep

Hoosier Energy is piloting a project using sheep to landscape a solar array in southern Indiana, cutting down on mowing costs at the site.

What is a Substation?

Substations are a vital part of the electrical grid. What are they and how do they provide an essential function on the grid?

Merom Generating Station Tour

Watch an overview of Hoosier Energy’s Merom Generating Station.

Meadow Lake Wind Farm

Watch an overview of Meadow Lake Wind Farm.

A Cooperative Overview

Hoosier Energy is a generation and transmission electric cooperative providing wholesale power and services to member distribution cooperatives. Founded in 1949 and based in Bloomington, Indiana, Hoosier Energy is a generation and transmission cooperative.