Hoosier Energy and local officials celebrated the official start-up of the Orchard Hills Generating Station today at the Orchard Hills Landfill located just south of Rockford.


The new 16-megawatt (MW) generating facility adds to Hoosier Energy’s renewable energy portfolio that includes wind, solar, hydro and landfill gas.


“Orchard Hills plays an important role for renewable energy in Hoosier Energy’s future along with continued reliance on coal and natural gas,” said Rob Horton, Vice President of Power Production for Hoosier Energy, during the ribbon cutting ceremonies. “We look forward to producing a lot of renewable energy here for many years to come.”


The new facility turns landfill gas into electricity and in the process removes a potent greenhouse gas. The facility is powered by six 620 GE Jenbacher engines capable of producing enough electricity to power 8,000 to 10,000 homes that use 1,200 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month.


This is Hoosier Energy’s third landfill methane generation facility. The Clark-Floyd Landfill Gas Plant in southern Indiana produces about 4 megawatts of electricity and the Livingston Landfill Gas facility near Pontiac, Illinois produces 15-megawatts. Hoosier Energy also provides renewable energy from wind and hydro sources in Illinois with additional renewable resources scheduled to be added in the next few years.



Hoosier Energy is a generation and transmission cooperative (G&T) with headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana. The G&T provides electric power and services to 18 electric distribution cooperatives in southern and central Indiana and southeastern Illinois. Hoosier Energy operates the coal-fired Merom Generating Station, three natural gas power plants, several renewable energy facilities and a 1,700-mile transmission network. For more information, visit www.hepn.com.




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