Hoosier Energy president and chief executive officer Steve Smith is shown thanking Congressman Larry Bucshon of Evansville for the introduction of the Electric Reliability and Fuel Security Act.  The Act would support utilities that maintain coal-fired power plants that provide security to the electricity grid through on-site fuel storage in times of high demand such as during bad weather. It would phase out in 2022, the same year as subsidies for wind and solar generation that are not as reliable as fossil fuel. Effecting public policy to the benefit of cooperative customers has long been important to Smith who started his cooperative career as a grassroots organizer at the Indiana Statewide Association of Electric Cooperatives in the 1970s. Smith was participating in the National Rural Electric Cooperatives’s Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. Hoosier Energy directors also participating included Don Sloan, Janet Anthony, Bob Stroup and Gary Waninger, as well as Director of Public Affairs Randy Haymaker.