ACSI: Survey identifies ways to increase member-consumer engagement
Since 2004, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has provided cooperatives actionable information to help improve member satisfaction and engagement. A recent survey shows that co-op member satisfaction has been on the decline during the past five years. Affecting the downward trend is how younger members view their co-op.
Positive Moments: Finding bright spots as the world faces a pandemic
For months, people have faced stress and negativity while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and an uncertain future. Work schedules changed, schools converted to online learning, offices relegated to homes, activities halted, sports events cancelled and visits with family and friends stopped.
2019 Annual Report: Focused on the Future
Working alongside member-cooperatives, Hoosier Energy is creating competitive advantages for the industries, farms and residences that make up the communities that depend on us to meet their power needs. Every conversation, every project, every pilot program is executed with one question in mind — How will our collective efforts benefit our members and theirs?
Resiliency on the Grid
In 2019, Hoosier Energy made significant progress on power delivery capital projects to update and improve aging infrastructure, while managing costs to maintain grid resiliency, according to Rob Horton, Chief Operating Officer at Hoosier Energy.
The Pandemic Plan
Hoosier Energy created a pandemic plan about 10 years ago when the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health organizations suggested that businesses prepare for an influenza A outbreak.
SPECIAL EDITION: Recognizing Power Delivery Professionals
With a focus on providing grid resiliency, Hoosier Energy employees are at the forefront of measuring system performance. This special edition of EnergyLines focuses on the work power delivery professionals do as they continually provide value for members co-ops and their communities.
Duff/Coleman grid expansion project moves forward
Republic Transmission (through a Hoosier Energy and LS Power partnership) together with Big Rivers Electric Corporation, have completed about five miles of the single circuit 345 kilovolt Duff/Coleman line. Spanning 30 miles, this transmission line will cross sections of Dubois County, Indiana; Spencer County, Indiana; and Hancock County, Kentucky.
Co-op helps students learn about electric utility jobs
Clark County REMC is working closely with a high school on a project in hopes that the experience will inspire students to pursue careers in the electric utility industry.
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