Resilient upgrades
Through an internal study, it was determined upgrading high voltage power poles from Bloomington to Sullivan would increase grid reliability. Find out how the multi-year project was completed ahead of schedule.
Behind the lens
Hoosier Energy helps co-ops produce pre-recorded and live video productions as socially distant annual meetings take place during the pandemic.
Selecting Safe Software
As organizations utilize more digital services, they can be exposed to cyber attacks if vendors used are not properly vetted. Bad actors are sneaky, sometimes persistent, and can move around networks undetected – SolarWinds can attest to that. 
When Disaster Strikes
From tornadoes to cyberattacks, the world is not always as safe as we’d like it to be. Unfortunately, we’ve seen from places like Texas what can happen when millions of people are cut off from power. More than 100 people lost their lives in the state this winter due to hypothermia, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and other accidents. 
Public relations professional joins communication team
Hoosier Energy’s communications team has a new face on the public relations and media front, but he isn’t a new face among the media. Curt Durnil served the Indiana State Police for 26 years and retired as its public information officer late last year to join Hoosier Energy.
The Beetle Battle
Every two years Hoosier Energy’s forecasting group takes a snapshot of energy trends to develop 20-year load forecasts across the power network. This business analysis is compiled into the Power Requirements Study (PRS) and it tackles three main business functions – system planning, budgeting and financial requirements. Tina Elliott and Justin Rice lead the forecasting work at Hoosier Energy and their process is research-focused and driven by data.
Managing Energy Together
Managing consumer energy demand has taken many directions during the past 12 years. From helping members transition to LED lights to the recycling of inefficient refrigerators, the program continues to be nimble as it connects programs to meet member needs. 
What caused that outage?
Glance up to the sky and the answer likely lies above. Nine times out of 10 when those clear blue skies change, electric service is threatened. How can you outguess Mother Nature? You can’t. But that doesn’t sway the Hoosier Energy Power Delivery team. It challenges them. They are always monitoring the weather, and if a storm rolls in or lightning strikes, they are ready.
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