Easy, affordable solar power. No matter where you live.

[Cooperative Name] is excited to introduce you to My Solar, a cooperative solar program. My Solar provides electricity through solar energy without any installation on your home or business. Members have access to easy, affordable solar power, no matter where you live.

Rather than installing these solar panels on your home or business, [Cooperative Name] will keep and maintain your panels at one of our solar arrays. Participating members will see the change on their monthly electric bill, with each panel generating ≈450-500 kWhs annually.

Big impact

Energy produced through My Solar will be clean and sustainable, helping you to reduce your personal carbon footprint in energy consumption.


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No maintenance

Our remote solar arrays require no roof installation, providing you with a hassle-free way to access solar energy from your home or business.



Low cost

My Solar provides inexpensive options for investing in renewable energy, while the upfront and ongoing costs of home installations remain high.

Easy, affordable solar power. No matter where you live. Share in the output from 10 solar arrays in southern Indiana.

Participating members at  [co-op name] can choose between a fixed monthly rate and an upfront payment. Enroll

Fixed rate

Participating members will be charged a fixed rate of [$0.01], on their monthly electric bill, for every kWh that is produced by their chosen amount of panels.

Upfront payment 

Participating members pay a one-time upfront payment of $500 to receive the production from a solar panel for 20 years. Then the participating member is credited 5.5 cents per kWh on their electric bill.

Generation varies

Generation from solar panels varies on a monthly basis, with the highest generation occurring in the summer months and the lowest in the winter months.

Solar Production

Hoosier Energy’s solar program consists of ten 1MW solar arrays placed along highly visible roadways across member service territories. Collectively, the solar sites will provide approximately 2,000,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy annually for the 300,000 consumers served by Hoosier Energy’s 18-member distribution cooperatives.


The New Castle solar site was the first of our cooperative’s ten 1MW arrays to be constructed in southern Indiana. These 10 solar sites generate enough combined electricity to power approximately 1,500 homes throughout our cooperative’s service territory. Start the video to the left to view a time-lapse video of the four-month construction process in New Castle, Ind.













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Equipment and Sustainability

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Terms and Conditions

How long is the term of the agreement?

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Can I take advantage of any tax credits or other incentives to bring down the cost of a panel?

Can anyone enroll for the My Solar program?

What happens if I move?

What if I cancel the agreement early?