Winter is coming

EnergyLines November/December 2018


As the mercury begins to fall on the thermometer, thoughts about winter preparations begin to surface. Thankfully, Merom Generating Station began preparations weeks ago. Winter preparations began in late September and were completed in late October.


Merom Generating Station is currently at the target inventory of coal: 475,000 tons. This is 50 days’ worth of coal. The generating station has been running at 75 percent capacity and expects to continue at that level through winter.


Coal agreements are hedged and in place for 2018 and 2019, securing timely delivery of coal for that period, with rates locked in. Hoosier Energy uses two sources for coal – Peabody and Sunrise corporations.


“We continue the winter prep by making sure all three de-icer tanks are full for the winter. Conveyor belts are sprayed with de-icer to keep the coal from sliding on the belts,” said Matt Deal, Material Handling Supervisor at Merom Generating Station. “This is generally done when the air temperature is below 20 degrees.”


As the cold weather approaches, supervisors keep an eye on the forecast, schedule extra material and fuel, coordinate train and truck deliveries and stay in contact with other areas of plant operations.


WINTER IS COMING: Material handlers at the Merom Generating Station work on the limestone pile as shown in this file photo. As the temperature drops, the need to prep coal and limestone before it enters the facility increases.


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