Completion of co-op solar program adds to energy supply for member systems

EnergyLines October 2017


Travel across any major highway in southern Indiana and motorists are likely to see one of 10, 1-megawatt solar arrays benefitting Hoosier Energy’s 18-member systems.


On Thursday, Oct. 5, local REMC officials and Hoosier Energy dedicated the Center solar array. This is the capstone project in the partnership between the generation and transmission member system 10-site program.


Named after nearby substations, collectively, the thousands of solar panels from the arrays are adding to the renewable energy supply for member systems every day.


The solar program is part of Hoosier Energy’s commitment to provide reliable and competitively priced energy to Hoosier Energy’s 18-member systems and their co-op consumers through an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy.


“We think the best way to meet that commitment is through an ‘all-of-the-above’ power supply mix that includes coal, natural gas, energy efficiency and, of course, renewables,” said Steve Smith, President and CEO of Hoosier Energy during the dedication ceremonies at the 10th array, located on I-74, southeast of the Greensburg interchange.


“We need all these resources. Taken together, they provide the best balance for electric service reliability, affordability and environmental stewardship.”


Hoosier Energy’s board of directors adopted a voluntary renewable energy policy in 2006, calling for 10 percent of the energy supplied to its 18-member systems to come from renewable energy resources by 2025. Hoosier Energy expects renewable energy to more than double from 4 percent of the G&T’s power supply within a few years. The G&T’s renewables portfolio also includes wind, hydropower and landfill gas plants.


10-megawatt solar program

The voluntary solar program began in 2015 and consists of 10, 1-megawatt solar arrays dedicated from 2015-2017. New Castle, dedicated: Sept. 16, 2015; Scotland (Greene County), dedicated: Sept. 29, 2015; Lanesville, dedicated: Dec. 9, 2015; New Haven, dedicated: Oct. 5, 2016; Henryville, dedicated: Oct. 7, 2016; Ellettsville, dedicated: Oct. 17, 2016; Trafalgar, dedicated: Oct. 26, 2016; Spring Mill, dedicated: Sept. 14, 2017; Ogilville, dedicated: Sept. 21, 2017; Center, dedicated: Oct. 5, 2017.


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