Science club brings tough questions for knowledgeable employees

EnergyLines August 2019


A great way to keep your mind active in retirement is to keep learning. That is exactly what the Scientech Club of Indianapolis does for its members of retired educators and practitioners in the fields of science and technology. The club provides a forum for weekly presentations and discussions for the enlightenment of its nearly 100 members.


The Merom Generating Station welcomed 52 club members on June 24, for a facility tour. The curious seniors were eager to learn about the facility and its operations. Following a video presentation about the station, the group headed into a lengthy question and answer session. As most of the audience was filled with curious science and technology gurus, the questions kept coming.


“I’ve never had a group so full of excitement to learn about the plant,” said Ryan Henderson, Production Manager and tour guide.
Four tour groups visited the turbine deck and control room and also viewed environmental equipment in place – each group asking insightful questions as they went along.


“Each time we stopped, the group would ask intriguing questions,” said Bob Forbus, Boiler House Operations Area Coordinator.
The tour went longer than expected, but club members were very pleased with the experience.


“This was one of the best tours we have been on,” said Jim Wilson. “We have been looking forward to this and cannot thank you enough for being so accommodating.”


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