Safety fair showcases benefits G&T offers

EnergyLines November 2019


The health and safety fair at Merom showcases some of the great benefits Hoosier Energy offers. The Safety Awareness Team utilizes approved, local vendors to highlight some of these offerings as they relate to health and safety choices, for home or at work, that employees may not know are available otherwise. These health fairs help emphasize the importance of safety to all Hoosier Energy employees.


As part of the Merom Generating Station Safety Week, Hoosier Energy brings in vendors to educate employees on health and safety topics. The health fair is organized into stations so employees can listen to presentations and ask questions. At this year’s event, employees were able to learn about safety gloves; the value of fresh meats and vegetables; and Hepatitis C through a health department presentation.


One station included an informational session about the new health benefit offered by Hoosier Energy called Ground Rounds. This program is available to all current Hoosier Energy employees and their dependents, regardless of health plan coverage. It also helps employees connect with local, in-network care, while providing expert medical opinions from across the nation. The consultation is completed via phone or video, and gives the patient several options for the best care from experts anywhere.


“Each year we try to find new ways to share the latest in safety technology, health information and important innovations in our industry,” said Chad Cornelius, Engineering and Performance Manager.