Co-op, vendor collaboration simplifies water heater rebate process

EnergyLines June 2019


Members for Jackson County REMC are taking advantage of a water heater rebate opportunity, based on the Hoosier Energy rebate program. The program provides a win-win situation for consumers, the REMC and a local water heater provider.


Brian Reynolds, Energy Advisor at Jackson County REMC, reached out to multiple water heater companies in the surrounding areas asking if they would like to partner with the REMC in offering rebates to member-consumers. While several companies could offer a simple coupon for a rebate, Jackson County REMC wanted to structure the program in a different way, benefitting their members sooner.


“We contacted several companies in our area to see if they would like to work with us on this project,” said Reynolds. “The only company to accept our offer was Winsupply of Seymour.”


In order to help streamline the process for member-consumers, Jackson County REMC and Winsupply worked out a deal.


When a member comes in to purchase a water heater (bringing in a copy of their electric bill as proof of membership), Winsupply automatically applies the $750 rebate to the purchase. A $1,200 water heater becomes a $450 purchase. Jackson County REMC then pays the rebate to Winsupply. This way, member-consumers are not out the money up front and required to wait for the rebate.


“By setting the program up in this way, members are able to get water heaters sooner, helping to conserve energy sooner, creating a cost-savings sooner,” said Reynolds.


With the implementation of this program, Jackson County REMC has become one of the top cooperatives in the rebate program for the state of Indiana. Winsupply of Seymour is one of the top sellers in the country for their national corporation.


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