EnergyLines March 2016

Energy management program helps members increase energy savings


Throughout 2015 Hoosier Energy and member cooperatives continued to help consumers Team Up through the Demand Side Management (DSM) program. The program provides cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency with a goal to reduce system peak demand and total energy sales by 5 percent from forecasted levels by 2018.


Shining a light on energy efficiency

More than 68,000 compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED) lamps were distributed to consumers in 2015 bringing total distribution to almost 1.7 million bulbs since the program began. Member systems also installed almost 7,000 LED security lights during the year. The lights offer good quality, use less electricity than conventional security lights, and have a substantially longer period of operation providing savings on lamp replacement.


C&I growth through strong key account efforts

The commercial and industrial (C&I) program provides cash incentives and free, independent coaching to help businesses save energy and money. Incentives help purchase and install energy-saving electric equipment including: energy-efficient lighting; HVAC equipment; energy-efficient motors and compressed air systems.


Results increased in 2015 through 164 completed projects that are expected to save 27,000 megawatt-hours annually and avoid 3 megawatts of winter demand. Co-op and Hoosier Energy investment of nearly $1 million leveraged about $5 million in C&I investments in these energy saving enhancements during the year.


Positive progress made in HVAC program

Most electric consumers spend up to 48 percent of their energy bills on heating and cooling – making that the largest energy expense in most homes. Using a new energy-efficient system can greatly reduce those costs and improve your home’s comfort.


Rebate applications for high efficiency HVAC systems, attic insulation and duct sealing increased almost 40 percent compared to 2014 with notable growth in air-to-air heat pumps, heat pump water heaters and duct sealing.    


2015 efforts helped members improve energy savings

The portfolio of Demand Side Management (DSM) options meets member needs for both end-use energy efficiency and demand-reduction activities. Since 2009, installed measures are estimated to reduce cumulative summer demand by 43 megawatts (MW), winter demand by 71 MW, and produce lifetime energy savings of about 2.6 million megawatt-hours (MWh).


Efforts in 2015 helped members achieve a 53 percent increase in energy savings compared with 2014. The 48,019 MWh saved in 2015 is equivalent to powering nearly 430,664 50-inch LCD televisions for five hours every day for a year.


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