Understanding how member-consumers are using electricity

EnergyLines September 2019

Learning how member-consumers use electricity helps electric cooperatives serve their current and future energy needs. The latest end-use survey provides quantifiable data that can help in the selection of marketing programs and communications that provides value for member-consumers.


The biennial end-use survey is conducted by an independent research firm and is coordinated by the Forecasting department at Hoosier Energy. The survey helps identify emerging trends that can impact future power supply needs.


Here are three findings showing trends during the past two years.


Lighting technology
Member-consumers continue to show strong interest in LED bulbs. Nearly three-quarter of member-consumers use LED bulbs in their home. The “Team Up” online light store helps member-consumers purchase a variety of bulbs at discounted prices.


Social media use
Social media used by member-consumers has plateaued with about a quarter of respondents choosing not to use social media. For those that do, the fastest growing platform is Instagram. This platform allows users to share photos and videos directly from their phone.
The top social media platforms used are: Facebook (70 percent); YouTube (44 percent); Pinterest (32 percent) and Instagram (24 percent).


Refrigerator use
The use of more than one refrigerator has increased 3.9 percentage points while the use of stand-alone freezers has decreased 2.9 percentage points. This shows that member-consumers are not replacing used stand-alone freezers with other units. The decrease in freezer units used connects to the appliance recycling program where member-consumers can recycle units no longer used.



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