Giant warehouse benefits from energy efficient lighting

EnergyLines May 2019


INCENTIVE PROGRAM: Blake Kleaving, right, discusses the installation of 480 LED highbay light fixtures at a warehouse served by JCREMC. As Hoosier Energy’s Energy Efficiency Program Coordinator, Kleaving works with member cooperatives to review projects such as this one at the Franklin Tech Park.


The flip of a light switch – a process we do every day to illuminate a room. What if the room had 480 lights to power? In that case, energy efficiency would play an important role.


LED lighting technology can help co-op members better manage their energy bill. Combine lighting advancements with an incentive program and the results are beneficial to both cooperatives and their commercial and industrial members.


“Forward thinking businesses are always pursuing efficiency improvements throughout their operations. Having energy efficiency as part of the solution, self-investment and the utilization of incentives from their electric co-op positions these companies for future savings,” said Hoosier Energy’s Energy Efficiency Program Coordinator Blake Kleaving.


That room with 480 lights is actually a gigantic warehouse. When the developer of this building reached out to JCREMC to find ways to improve its efficiency, the co-op knew they could help.


By utilizing the new construction LED lighting incentive program offered by the co-op, the developer was able to source and install LED highbay light fixtures that are Design Lights Consortium (DLC) approved. The DLC is a non-profit organization that works with utilities and lighting manufacturers to help identify a qualified lighting product list.


With the equipment installed and verified, the 930,000 square-foot facility at the Franklin Tech Park was approved for the $38,400 rebate. While the majority of projects that receive this type of rebate are retrofits, new construction projects like this are also great candidates.


“This warehouse facility is massive – and more importantly, efficient! Working with JCREMC, this rebate is playing a part in improving efficiency and light quality for the new tenants of the space,” said Kleaving.


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