Only 30 percent are willing to pay more for renewable energy



Consumers across central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois overwhelmingly support renewable energy as an energy source provided by their local cooperative, according to a recent survey conducted by Hoosier Energy.


The survey was conducted earlier this year to help Hoosier Energy’s 18-member distribution cooperatives gain additional insight into consumer trends across their service areas.  In the survey, 90 percent of the respondents said they want their co-op to provide electricity generated from renewable sources. However, only 30 percent said they were willing to pay more.


The findings confirmed results from similar renewable energy surveys of end consumers conducted in 2011 and 2014.


The data also indicated an uptick in consumer awareness that their local cooperative includes renewables in their power supply. Since 2016, member cooperatives have added a total of 10, one-megawatt solar arrays across the Hoosier Energy cooperative power network.


“Cooperatives are committed to bringing reliable and affordable energy to their members. As awareness of renewables in the cooperative power supply continues to climb, the use of solar and other renewable resources will continue to provide benefits for all homes and businesses in our communities,” says Heath Norrick, Manager of Renewable Energy for Hoosier Energy.


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