Safety achievement program results continue positive trend

EnergyLines March 2018

Every three years, Hoosier Energy undergoes a safety audit performed by the Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program (RESAP). The program is a service of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). It strives to promote the highest standards of safety among electric cooperatives.


This year’s RESAP audit was unannounced, meaning the auditors do not notify the organization of their plans to perform the audit in advance. It helps to provide an accurate picture of the day-to-day operating standards of the cooperative. This year’s audit at Hoosier Energy included observances at the Operations Center in Owen County, the Worthington Generating Station and the Merom Generating Station.


The top two aspects that continue to exceed set standards for the audit are housekeeping and lighting.


Hoosier Energy has a very good housekeeping program that enables them to keep the facilities clean and maintained. Employees can easily submit work orders to request improved safety features within our facilities.


One of the most common work order requests is to improve lighting in work areas, which increases safety in those areas for employees and others on the grounds.

The audit is more than just a team of auditors coming on site to observe. It includes our executive leadership and employees making a commitment to provide a culture of safety.


The auditors were extremely pleased with what they saw and the dedication and commitment to safety from Hoosier Energy employees.


Safety and Training Team Leader Kyle Foli believes the Safe by Choice program is helping Hoosier Energy achieve a safe workplace.


The safety team appreciates the commitment and all the work that employees put into their jobs every day to make Hoosier Energy a safe place to work.


Guiding Principles

The RESAP audit program is based on two fundamental guiding principles that are essential to achieving safety excellence:

  • Safety must be embraced as a core value where the actions and decisions of the cooperative reflect a fundamental and unwavering commitment to safety at all levels of the cooperative.
  • Cooperative leaders and employees take ownership of the systems and processes that create a safe working environment.


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