Hoosier Energy’s Vice President of Public Policy and Member Services

EnergyLines September 2019


EnergyLines sat down with Scott Bowers to learn what his top priorities are as part of senior staff at Hoosier Energy and to find out about a pastime he enjoys.


What have you learned from your experience working in the electric industry that applies to your position?

Prior to joining Hoosier Energy, I worked for Indiana Electric Cooperatives (IEC) for over eight years. That experience helped establish and enhance my foundational understanding of the cooperative business model and the issues important to electric co-ops. My transition from IEC to Hoosier Energy has been smooth since I have had the opportunity to work with and represent the interests of the organization and its member systems previously.


While I still have a lot to learn, especially about Hoosier Energy and the operation of a cooperative G&T, I feel like I bring a solid foundation and working knowledge of the industry to my new role.


What are the top priorities you are focusing on?

One of my first priorities is to assess how integrated and engaged the public policy efforts are in supporting the various departments and overall operations of the organization. It is the area I’m most familiar with and because of that, I believe I can make an immediate and meaningful impact here. I will also focus on the wide array of services provided and supported by the Marketing, Economic Development & Key Accounts, and Communications departments. I am interested in analyzing and identifying opportunities for us to serve both our internal and external stakeholders.


What challenges do you see electric utilities facing in the next few years?

Rapid change and growth in the industry will present both opportunities and challenges to electric cooperatives in Indiana and throughout the country. The continual diversification of the electric generation portfolio and emerging technologies will be key drivers to many of the changes we face.


What do you find most exciting about working at a cooperative?

The thing I have appreciated the most is the ability of the cooperative community to really rally around itself and to work collaboratively. Cooperation among cooperatives occurs every day and it can have a profound impact on an organization. I have seen firsthand the results and impact that can be achieved when everyone is moving in unison, with shared goals, and is 100 percent committed.


What is something fun that employees and members don’t know about you?

Recently, I started taking guitar lessons. Although I dabbled on the guitar when I was growing up, I finally decided to learn how to play. While there are definitely no live performances scheduled in my near future, I would eventually like to be confident enough with it to play something for my family.



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