Line worker event provides training as well as the challenging egg climb

EnergyLines June 2019


Wayne-White Electric Cooperative was a sponsor of the Lineman’s Rodeo on April 27 at Frontier Community College in Fairfield, Illinois.


The rodeo is a competition between active participants in the Electric Distribution System (EDS) program offered through the college. The EDS program is a one-year certificate that provides training in building, repairing, and maintaining overhead and underground systems. Students also learn safe practices for pole climbing, pole top rescue, and bucket truck operation.


The five judged events for the rodeo were: Cross Arm Changeouts, Pole Top Rescue, the Obstacle Pole, the Egg Climb, and the Mystery Event – which was revealed to be a fuse change.


For the Egg Climb, students must put a raw egg in their mouth, climb to the top of a 40-foot pole, swap out the egg for a new one at the top (it rests in a basket on the cross arm), and climb back down without cracking an egg.


Wayne White linemen enjoy the camaraderie and volunteer their time to help make the rodeo a success.


Wayne-White linemen helping with the event included: Ryan Barrett, Cody Richards, Travis Schilling, Clint Harl, and Gerry Kinney.


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