Providing reliable, affordable power to companies across major regional industries, including advanced manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, logistics and plastics

The 59 counties powered by Hoosier Energy are home to some of the largest employers in the Midwest. Among these employers, our region is home to five primary industry groups: advanced manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, logistics and plastics. Each of these industries benefits from the extensive transportation and logistics infrastructure available across Indiana and Illinois, including proximity to several major markets. These industries also benefit from a deep roster of qualified workers who have higher educational attainment when compared to the workforces available in competing states.

Advanced Manufacturing

The areas powered by Hoosier Energy are ideally situated to help manufacturers thrive. With a robust logistics network and modern infrastructure, Indiana is perfectly positioned for manufacturers. The state also ranks as the most business-friendly regulatory environment in the nation and is primed for significant growth in years to come.

Why the areas powered by Hoosier Energy can help your business thrive

  • Indiana is ranked first in the Midwest and the sixth in the nation for business.
  • Indiana offers a strategic location close to the median center of the U.S. population.

Beyond power: Ready and rich resources for your business

  • One in five Hoosiers work in advanced manufacturing.
  • A quarter of Indiana’s economic output is based in manufacturing.
  • Indiana boasts the highest concentration of manufacturing jobs in the nation, employing nearly 534,000 Hoosiers statewide.
  • Indiana exported $34.8 billion in manufactured goods in 2023.

Notable Companies

  • Futaba
  • ATTC
  • Valeo
  • TOA (USA), LLC
  • NTN Driveshaft Inc.
  • Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing


Indiana serves as the linchpin of the U.S. agriculture industry. Widely recognized for its status as an agricultural hub, the total value of statewide agriculture grew 62% over the last five years. Indiana ranks eighth nationally for the average value of farm real estate per acre. The bottom line: Ag has always been a pillar of the Indiana economy, and that’s not changing anytime soon.

Why the areas powered by Hoosier Energy are fertile soil for your bottom line

  • 1 in duck production.
  • 2 in popcorn, ice cream, chickens and total eggs produced.
  • 3 for spearmint, tomatoes and cover crops.
  • 4 in pumpkins and turkeys raised.
  • 5 for corn, soybeans, watermelon and hog production.

Bountiful harvests: Partnering with government for your success

  • Approved USDA programs include
    • Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant Program (REDLG)
    • Rural Energy for America Program (REAP)
    • Intermediary Relending Program

Notable Companies

  • Boar’s Head
  • Consolidated Grain & Barge
  • Farbest Foods
  • Rose Acres
  • SugarCreek
  • Wabash Valley Produce

Automotive Industries

Out of the 1 million automotive industry jobs in the U.S., Indiana and its neighboring states account for nearly half. And as the automotive landscape evolves, Indiana is at the forefront of investing in projects including battery manufacturers, electric vehicle system innovation, and semiconductor research and development. With a modest cost of living, a friendly business climate, major tax incentives and a healthy workforce, Indiana is an ideal setting for automotive growth.

Why the areas fueled by Hoosier Energy are ideal for your automotive business

  • Indiana’s automotive industry employs approximately 116,000 workers.
  • The electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) market has potential to grow from $7 billion today to $100 billion by 2040 at a 15% annual growth rate.

Where the rubber meets the road: Indiana automotive industry by the numbers

  • Indiana is second in overall automotive production.
  • Indiana produces 1.3 million cars and trucks annually.
  • Over 500 automotive part suppliers call Indiana home.

Notable Companies

  • Cummins Inc.
  • GECOM Corp
  • GM Powertrain
  • Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies
  • Honda
  • Toyota Motors
  • Valeo Engine Cooling, Inc.


With one of the most comprehensive transportation networks in the U.S., Indiana is a logistical hub for a reason. Situated by the median center of the U.S. population, Indiana is crisscrossed by connecting highways and railroads. The state also boasts a motivated and qualified workforce, ensuring you can find the employees necessary to meet growing demand.

Why Hoosier Energy should be your partner for the long haul

  • Indiana offers a strategic location close to the median center of the U.S. population.
  • Indiana offers more connecting highways than any other state.
  • $650 billion in goods move through Indiana annually.

Paving the way for your success

  • Each year, 724 million tons of freight travels through Indiana, making it the fifth busiest state for commercial freight traffic.
  • By 2040, freight flow is expected to increase by 60%.
  • Indiana has 1.4 times as many residents per capita working in key transportation, distribution and logistics occupations.


The plastics industry is one of the most energy-intensive fields worldwide. By providing the lowest electricity rates among all neighboring states, Hoosier Energy offers Indiana customers in the plastics sector an invaluable opportunity for business growth. Approximately 13% of plastics workers who live in our service area commute outside the region for work, indicating an untapped workforce for prospective companies.

Why Hoosier Energy’s member territories are perfect matches for the plastics industry

  • Plastics is Indiana’s sixth-largest advanced manufacturing sector.
  • The industry is expected to grow significantly over the next five years, eventually supporting an additional 1,400 jobs for Hoosiers.
  • The Hoosier state scores 0.91 on the cost-of-living index, resulting in a growing and ready-to-work labor market.
  • Indiana meets the large and intense energy requirements that come with plastics manufacturing facilities.

Your infrastructure and workforce are already here

  • Indiana has the highest concentration of plastics industry workers.
  • Indiana is ranked fourth for freight railroads.
  • The Midwest region has the highest concentration of plastics and rubber manufacturing facilities in the nation.

Notable Companies

  • Berry Plastics Corporation
  • Futaba Indiana of America Corporation
  • PRD Inc.
  • Primex Plastics Corporation
  • Sabic Innovative Plastics