Safety and training program celebrates 45 years of excellence

The Hoosier Energy Apprenticeship and Training Safety (HEATS) Program celebrates its 45th year.

Safety and training program grows

The Hoosier Energy Apprenticeship and Training Safety (HEATS) Program is celebrating its 40th graduation this year.

Co-op board members gather to learn about power provider

With member-cooperatives located across central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois, it can be challenging for co-op leaders to meet. To help, an event at Hoosier Energy’s Power Delivery and Operations Center was held for Board members to learn about their generation and transmission (G&T) electric cooperative.

Building your company’s safety culture to succeed

During safety week at the Merom Generating Station, keynote speaker Garrison Wynn explained a process that helps communicate effectively and improve an organization’s performance. It all starts with a strong safety culture.

Keeping safety and health a top priority

The health and safety fair at the Merom Generating Station showcases some of the great benefits Hoosier Energy offers.

Electrify Indiana panel discussion

Hoosier Energy recently hosted Electrify Indiana, a conference about the beneficial electrification of future goods and services. The conference welcomed more than 100 participants. Many electric cooperatives were present at the event.

Cyber security safety services

As long as there is an internet, threats to cyber security will exist, says Richie Field, Manager of Cybersecurity and Network Operations at Hoosier Energy. That’s why with new threats emerging every day, Hoosier Energy is rolling out several cyber services to make sure member systems are as secure as possible.

Critical device invention

One of the electric power industry’s most important goals is ensuring the integrity of the nation’s power grid. Digital fault recorders are one technology used to monitor operations at substations and power plants throughout North America

Staff shines on solar tours

On a sunny day in September, employees from EDP Renewables visited Hoosier Energy to learn about the generation and transmission electric cooperative, member cooperatives and tour a 1 MW solar array.

Get to Know Scott Bowers

EnergyLines sat down with Scott Bowers to learn what his top priorities are as part of senior staff at Hoosier Energy and to find out about a pastime he enjoys.

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